Kids showing patience in class
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Family Classes

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Our Family Martial Arts classes are the perfect way to surround your child with positive role models and learn the fundamentals of self-defense, character development, and incredible confidence side-by-side.

Families that Train Together Stick Together

The goal of this system is to expose our young students to the example set by all the adults around them. We help everyone have fun taking on new challenges and we bring you and your loved ones closer together with a new family tradition.

"There is no force more powerful than a family working together, overcoming challenges, and celebrating victories as one.""

Family Martial Arts

Taekwondo is a great Family Activity!

Training side by side with your children is a truly special experience. You will share a common activity and cheer each other on as you move through the different belt ranks and meet dozens of other friendly families. Taekwondo emphasizes courtesy, respect, and appreciation for others.

Learn The Importance of Respect and Self Control

Treating others with respect is one of the core principles of the martial arts. During training students learn to be courteous and kind to others. They also learn the importance of taking turns, cooperating with a partner, and following instructions. This will prepare them for greater success at school and other team sports.

It’s a Fun introduction to Fitness

Each session includes exercises to develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Your child will run, jump, kick, and have a great time while improving their athleticism. It’s a perfect way to develop healthy habits and a positive attitude towards physical activity. And for children who are constantly in motion, Taekwondo is a great outlet to burn off excess energy!

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See what people are saying about Master Moon's Tae Kwon Do


Tressa Gorman

We started our oldest at Tae Kwon Do Shakopee a few years ago to help with confidence and discipline. The instructors there helped build both values with our oldest by being knowledgeable, confident themselves, and professional. Not only has our oldest gotten confident in his skills there but it has carried over into school/home life by being confident in himself. This has also helped with accepting constructive feedback and learning from it.


Niveen Tagwerker

Our daughter has been attending Master Moon’s Taekwondo Shakopee for few years now. The instructors are incredibly patient and very professional. They helped our daughter improve her skills and confidence. Everyone there always friendly and welcoming! We’re so lucky that we found Master Moon’s Taekwondo Shakopee for our daughter. We would definitely recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning Taekwondo.


Amy Cruz

If you are looking for a place for you or you children to build confidence and stamina this place is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone!


Andrew Baker

Great place for kids to get exercise, and to learn discipline and respect. Master Moon, Master V and all the instructors are very professional and do a great job. Highly recommend.


Adam Hannah

I’ve been attending classes at Master Moon TKD for about a year or so and can’t say enough good things about them. The instructors are highly experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and develop students across all skill levels - whether you’re a beginner or advanced. If you’re tired of the usual gym routine, I’d highly recommend you check them out if you’re looking to get in shape, learn a lot, and have some fun along the way.


Annie Sperling

My daughter has been a student of Master Moon's for nearly a year, and I can't begin to tell you just how much of a positive experience this has been for her. Not only are her Masters and instructors amazing, but the life lessons and character-building that she has acquired in such a short period of time has truly exceeded my expectations. Master Moon's Taekwondo is the definition of "world class" and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning this art form.


Phil Smith

There with our student grandchildren. What a great experience for them: language, culture, physical activity... and more. The lead instructor has great understanding of kids, a wonderful rapport. Well all of the instructors do too.


Matt Roland

Fantastic group of instructors that foster an amazing sense of community and respect. My 8 year old is learning a great martial art and so many life skills along his journey. Highly recommended!

Kids showing patience in class
Kids showing patience in class
Kids showing patience in class
Kids showing patience in class
Kids showing patience in class

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